The “52 Weeks On Film” Project – Week No. 18

[eng] This week’s roll of film was made made with a Contax 137 MD, a 28mm 2.8 Yashica lens on a Paradies 200ISO film. I made this film during one of the Film Photography Constanta Facebook Group meetings in Tabacarie Park. I am actually going to introduce few photos from two other films that were loaded in the Contax and Yashica, because I had few frames left on both of them. I hope you won’t mind 😀

I hope you will enjoy the photos and I will see you next week for a new roll of film!

[ro] Filmul de saptamana aceasta l-am facut cu un Contax 137 MD, un obiectiv Yashica 28mm 2.8 pe un film Paradies 200ISO. Fotografiile au fost facute cu ocazia unei noi intalniri a grupului de pe Facebook Film Photography Constanta desfasurate in Parcul Tabacarie. Am introdus in aceasta postare ultimile 3-4 cadre ramase de la doua filme incarcate pe Contax si Yashica. Fotografiile au fost facute in aceeasi zi cu filmul principal. Sper sa nu va suparati 😀

Sper sa va placa fotografiile si ne vedem saptamana viitoare cu o noua rola de film!

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