The “52 Weeks On Film” Project – Week No. 3

This week’s photos were made with the same Yashica FX3 Super, Paradies 200 ISO and as lenses I used 50mm f1.9, 135mm f2.8 and 300mm f4, all from Yashica. But I detected a problem with the camera: there were some light leaks inside the camera that have been affecting the film. So for this week most of the photos have a couple of lighter strips. And as well I had a problem with the film pulling that I am going to fix it for the next week.

Thank you very much for watching!

Enjoy it!


Fotografiile de saptamana aceasta au fost realizate cu aceeasi Yashica FX3 Super, Paradies ISO 200, iar ca obiective am folosit 50mm f1.9, 135mm f2.8 si 300mm f4, toate de la Yashica. Insa am descoperit cateva probleme la camera: pe mai toate fotografiile vor aparea cateva dungi verticale supraexpuse datorita unor scapari de lumina inauntrul camerei. De asemenea am avut o problema cu parghia, ce a rezultat ca anumite cadre sa fie suprapuse. Dar voi rezolva aceste probleme pentru filmul saptamanii viitoare.

Va multumesc pentru vizualizare!


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