The First Blog Post

As you’ve seen these is my first blog post. I finally managed to put all the components of the website together and here it is.

I am going to start by posting the latest photo shoot from few days ago with my wife Simona Ion. We’ve done this for the National Day  of the Traditional Romanian Embroidered Blouse. Hopefully you will enjoy the photos.

IMG_2194 copy

IMG_2126 copy IMG_2199 copy

IMG_2128 copy IMG_2161 copy

IMG_2172 copy IMG_2165 copy IMG_2195 copy IMG_2133 copy

IMG_2212 copy IMG_2231 copy IMG_2262 copyIMG_2205 copy IMG_2217 copy IMG_2242 copyIMG_2087 copy IMG_2104 copyIMG_2092 copy IMG_2071 copy IMG_2060 copyIMG_2056 copy IMG_2092 copy


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